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Marking 100 years of Worship, Witness, Fellowship & Service

The Pearsall Memorial congregation is a fellowship of people on a spiritual journey together. We embrace the Bible as a witness to God working through an imperfect human history but supremely through Jesus of Nazareth, whose life and death and life beyond death through the Spirit is transformative for all. God invites us all to participate fully in life and in the mission which was initiated by Jesus. We value honesty over certainty, inclusiveness over distinctions, and acceptance over perfection. We welcome questions and believe that the test of true doctrine is that it helps us to know God’s grace and to draw closer to God and to others.

This open, inclusive, and nonjudgmental way of being the church has drawn together a wonderful group of people. We invite you to join us in worship on Sunday morning at 11:00am and hope you will prayerfully consider becoming a part of our church family!


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