When becoming a member of Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Church one is able to join a community of Christians striving to accomplish much greater good than just attending a church service on Sundays. Through various projects such as food drives for our community food bank, walking in the yearly C.R.O.P. Walk, joining other congregations in support of the Martin Luther King Celebrations, and participating in the Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network, our church is able to give time and support to our community.

Through the Presbytery (our larger governing body), our local church is also connected to social projects throughout our coastal region and the State of ┬áNorth Carolina. The mission work of the Presbyterian Church goes even farther into the entire world through global projects, fostering the education of children in Third World Countries and Women’s Rights. Through the Presbyterian Disaster Relief Fund the church is also involved world wide with crisis response and works alongside the Red Cross. The reasons for becoming involved in the church are many, but the “reaching out to all” is one of the most important ones for us.