Having not been raised in a religious family, I felt like a duck out of water when I moved from the Midwest to Wilmington with my husband in 1995. We visited several churches more than once to try and find the right fit. As a creative professional, I wanted to find an environment that felt welcoming to open-minded, spiritual thinkers and embraced overall diversity, but still retained a traditional service in a relaxed and historic setting.

As a smaller church, Pearsall provides all of the above! The added bonus is having a pastor who is not only accessible and approachable, but possesses a genuinely open heart and mind.

I’m so glad our children have been raised in our small-but-mighty church, and now as teenagers are able to understand and appreciate the importance of loving and accepting of all of God’s people.


One of the main reasons I joined Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian is the size of the church. Less is more. I had been a member of a large church in the past. I never talked to the Reverend of that church other than to join and he was inaccessible if I tried. A large church has many benefits that relate to social activities but I am not a person drawn to large gatherings. The first time I came to Pearsall June quoted Steve Colbert from the Colbert Report, one of the shows I regularly watch along with The Daily Show. I felt I might have found a home because I am usually way too liberal for my church surroundings.

June is able to accept and answer questions about church doctrine and she is accessible to any member of the church. The size of the church makes it a constant struggle to determine what and how Pearsall can do beyond the mandatory obligations for the community. However, I believe that struggle brings the members of the church closer together to make sure all needs are met.

~ Pete Straman

Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Church is a small church with a BIG heart!!

It is about the size (in physical structure and the number in the congregation) of the country church I grew up in. I have only belonged to two churches in my lifetime. One of the first things that I did in ‘re-locating’ to Wilmington was to ‘join’ the church. We did not “shop around” and were fortunate to find the right one with the first selection! Pearsall Church is like “family” and since my husband and I do not have relatives in the area on a full-time basis, the church provides both social and spiritual support. Our minister provides inspirational messages each Sunday. My time spent at church on Sunday mornings provides an ‘oasis’ to the otherwise hectic work week. I particularly enjoy singing in our choir and feel energized after our Sunday morning services.

Unless I am “in bed” sick or out of town, I look forward to seeing everyone on Sundays and sometimes at activities during the week.

~Judy Shaw-Ramsey