When St. Jude’s Metropolitan Community Church moved from Castle St. downtown to Market Street near Forest Hills, the Pearsall church session voted unanimously to invite their congregation to join us in an 11am Sunday worship service and a barbeque picnic afterward. They accepted our invitation and together we filled the sanctuary! It was such a joyful experience and we continue to get together in worship, fellowship and outreach throughout the year.

Chestnut St. Presbyterian is a traditionally African American congregation with whom our congregation has also worshipped and served on many occasions and in many ways for over a decade.

We are committed to these ecumenical endeavors because we believe that God calls the church to greater witness to God’s love and joy by extending our reach beyond denomination, beyond race, and beyond our own church buildings and membership–intentionally reaching beyond the lines which society draws for us. In so doing our congregation has been richly blessed in countless ways, and we know that our sisters and brothers in Christ have felt God’s blessing with us.

This performance of our annual Christmas Cantata with St. Jude’s choir and members of Pearsall Memorial and Chestnut St. Presbyterian church choirs was held at Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Friday, December 14, 2012 and the following night at St. Jude’s.

Pearsall Memorial and Chestnut St. Presbyterian Churches shared Lenten fellowship meals and Bible Studies in 2012 and 2013. Pictured is one of the 2012 studies held in the Chestnut St. Fellowship Hall.